Naturopathic medicine helps to balance the important factors involved in fertility including the physical aspects (hormonal levels, cortisol levels, cycle), mental/emotional aspects (high stress or cortisol can negatively affect the likelihood of a person becoming pregnant), and the spiritual aspects of fertility (the reasons, desires in becoming a parent).

What is used to boost one’s fertility?

  • Proper/holistic nutrition is pivotal in allowing the health of the egg and the sperm to be at optimal health prior to conception, and detoxification allows for re-setting the liver function and hormonal balancing.
  • Homeopathic and herbal medicines can be used to balance out the hormones (both male and female), and the female reproductive cycle. They also aid the nervous system in releasing and dealing with stress that can raise one’s cortisol levels that adversely affect fertility (and in my clinical experience is one of the largest players).
  • Acupuncture- when added in to the treatments for fertility it will regulate the female cycle easily and has also been shown to greatly increase the chance of conception.
  • Counselling and spiritual work is used to allow for the release of emotions that are hindering your body from working optimally. Spiritual work is also important to address because it allows for any concerns or fears to be addressed in order to assist the body in regulating all of its functions. It also reminds you of the wondrous process of creation that allows for growth, change and JOY!

Who can benefit from this program?

  • If you believe that the health of your baby starts BEFORE pregnancy, and you want to optimize your change of not only a healthy pregnancy but a healthy baby
  • Women that are suffering from endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Irregular periods which are adversely affecting your chances of getting pregnant
  • Couples that want to enhance their chances of successful IVF. See How can acupuncture help with fertility problems
  • Couples that have been struggling to get pregnant and want to know alternative methods to ensure their fertility
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