Period Issues or Perimenopause/Menopause



Hormones are the GOLD for optimal health. They are worth investing in.

If you a suffering from:

  • Irregular periods
  • Painful periods
  • Gas and bloating during your cycle
  • PMS
  • Headaches
  • No or scanty flow with your period
  • Heavy flow with your period
  • Hot flashes
  • Issues with sleep
  • Mood fluctuations

Then it is time to address it

I have been focusing on fertility and women’s health for over 18 years in my Naturopathic practice. I have extensive experience in treating any and all issues in regards to women’s hormones and cycles. From childbearing, fertility, period issues to perimenopause.

Have you been struggling with irregular periods? Hot flashes? Weight gain or even severe fatigue?

It is time for you to address your overall hormonal health.

Your hormones play an essential role in your health and well-being.

Healthy hormone levels ensure that you can cope with stress better. To combat the dreaded weight gain that comes with perimenopause, and insomnia that sneaks up on women.

If you are well before the age of perimenopause (which typically begins in the forties), your period health will show up in your skin, your ability to fight off stress or even infertility! Many younger women suffer from painful or heavy and unmanageable periods. They are given the birth control pill as a solution, without looking into the reasons behind these issues! Many being inflammation, blood sugar imbalance and immune system distress. These are all important indicators of your overall health. Is it better to cover it up, or to address the reasons why you are suffering from these?

It is time to look at one’s period and hormonal balance as the important indicators of overall health that they are!

Thinking long term in regards to your hormonal health will give you optimal health longer term.

If you have been suffering from any of the above symptoms, or want to take a proactive role in your wellness, book an appointment today! Naturopathic medicine offers many easy and gentle modalities to help!


Now available in the clinic: Hormone Panels and additional lab testing. Check your private insurance to determine if you have coverage.