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Do you suffer from chronic low back and neck pain?
Have you been experiencing headaches and/or migraines?
Does your pain interfere with you social, work and home life?
Do you have trouble sleeping due to your discomfort?
Have you maybe tried it all before?

We can help!


Pain is the body’s way to tell you that there is a misalignment of your body structure that your body tissues (also known as fascia) are dehydrated, your tissues are congested with toxins, or there is an overall imbalance. Through my clinical experience, I became a practitioner in Bowen Therapy to address the need for fast pain relief for the many people. People, just like you, who have tried lots of other reported solutions to address pain. Bowen Therapy has been invaluable in my ability to address many forms of pain quickly to provide for some the first time pain free and a very long time. Please contact us today so we can help you with pain relief for your pain.

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