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A Fertility Story

Sophie came into my office and was unable to get pregnant. She thought that she was going ‘everything right.” She was 42 years of age and thought perhaps it was just her age. After assessment though, I uncovered that she was a Type A personality and was not able to take ‘octane’ out of her life! After she learned to manage her stress better she became pregnant and had a healthy baby girl!!


Hi! I’m Dr. Stephanie Farwell, Naturopathic Doctor, Bowen Therapist and Reiki Master. I have been in practice for 14 years helping women like you successfully conceive! It is my passion and life’s mission to aid women in attaining their dream of motherhood!

I decided to focus my healing practice around women’s health and fertility because I saw so many women struggle with their health, hormones and now struggle with their fertility!

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