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Are you Ready to Take Control Over Your Fertility?

Are you struggling to grow your family?

Isn’t it time to stop guessing, and finally understand what the heck is happening with your hormones?

Have you given up checking ovulation tests and spending way too much money on pregnancy tests because nothing is working?

Are you just OVER the endless appointments and consultations, leaving you feel like your entire life revolves around the doctor’s office?


This just does NOT need to be so difficult…

The most important piece that I need to stress to you is that You Are NOT Alone!

I know that it feels like you are.

 I know that you’re constantly thinking about it… when your next period hopefully won’t come… when you can test for ovulation… when you can take your next pregnancy test…

 It’s more thought consuming that you ever thought it would be.

And it’s affecting you!
It’s affecting your sleep...

It’s affecting your relationship…
It’s affecting your mental health!

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to balance out your hormones and successfully conceive.

Stephanie Farwell ND

Hi! I’m Dr. Stephanie Farwell, Naturopathic Doctor, Bowen Therapist and Reiki Master.

I have been in practice for 15 years helping women like you successfully conceive! It is my passion and life’s mission to aid women in attaining their dream of motherhood!

I decided to focus my healing practice around women’s health and fertility because I saw so many women struggle with their health, hormones and now struggle with their fertility!

It is heart-wrenching to hear the stories that women have trying to become a mother. The COST alone, not only of the fertility treatments, but to their mental health, their physical health. To their marriage was undeniable. This cost came with no return before they came to see me!

In fact, let’s go over the various costs.

My Angel Fertility Clinic is usually all that is needed to get your body prepared to get pregnant naturally. Not only that, it is a more balanced, holistic, warm and lovingly supportive way! Many of my clients have tried 2 rounds of IVF before coming to see me! Do the math, that is $40,000 PLUS the toll on their body, mind, hormones, emotions and marriage!

Here is an all too common story but with a successful happy ending from the Angel Fertility program.

Here is an amazing story of one of my clients, we will call her Charlotte.

During my initial fertility assessment, she outlined her heartbreaking fertility journey.

Over 5 long years, prior to coming to see me, she told me that she had 2 unsuccessful rounds of IVFs, multiple rounds of IUI and 6 miscarriages!

Her longest pregnancy was 13 weeks, her body just couldn’t hold a pregnancy.

Thousands of dollars later, heartbreak and little support.

She didn’t know where to turn, and if her dream of having a baby was just ‘not meant to be’ for her.

On basic physical assessment, the only factor that may have been affecting her ability to become and stay pregnant-her thyroid was now normal.

Her body simply could not hold a pregnancy, but there was no ‘explanation.’

She told me that at this point, she only wanted to try the natural approach, no more cold clinics and tests.

After our assessment, I told her where she needed to focus (all in the Angel Fertility program).

I told her that we would be doing acupuncture/Reiki twice a month, in line with her cycle.

In doing so, I could work on her energy blocks and heal her womb of the trauma of her multiple pregnancy loses.

It would also open up her womb and change its story of trauma, disappointment and loss.

I acknowledged her all she had went through, all of the pain and anguish.

I told her that is all over, you are with me now.

We will start afresh, anew.

After 7 months in my Angel Fertility program, she was pregnant!!

She was nervous of course, but I reminded her, that is NOT the story we are writing! I would walk with her every step of the way throughout her pregnancy.

We continued her acupuncture and Reiki treatments, to continue supporting her body and keeping her stress down (cortisol works against progesterone that is needed for a pregnancy).

When the pandemic hit, I was not able to do acupuncture, so we did online check-ins, and distant Reiki healing. I would gently cocoon her and her baby to protect them from all outside influences.

She carried full-term and had a healthy baby girl!

You are not alone! I am here to help!

Angel Fertility happy momThere are so many pieces I found were not being addressed to help which I noted over time in my clinic that women were not being taught and were unaware of!

I was tired of seeing women that did not have this basic foundation of how their fertility and menstrual cycles work. This is most of the battle! If you don’t know when the optimal time for intercourse to conceive is, you may never conceive! Knowing IF you in fact are ovulating-is key, and when!

I have seen women that were struggling with painful and irregular periods, learn about how their hormones and cycle works and their periods started to ease and come regularly.

I have been seeing women that have struggled with their fertility for over 15 years in my clinic.

I see women that have been stuck in the fertility clinic cycle, still not having the knowledge of how her cycle works, and also how to enhance the health of her eggs so they can be ‘viable’ or their partner's sperm!

They were not getting the answers they needed as to why they were struggling! It may not just be physical! Their energy body could be playing a role, which is where my Fertility Reiki and acupuncture sessions come in!

They are confused and have countless visits that causes them more stress. They didn’t feel heard, and when they came into my office-I heard THEM! All of their stories touched me deeply!

Over the years in clinic, I noted different factors that were adversely affecting their hormonal health, and what roles they played in blocking their success in achieving pregnancy. Most women are not even aware these are factors!

I decided to compile the information that one would need to start working on their strong foundation for their fertility. I want to be able to help as many women as possible to take their power back! To become familiar with their body, health and their fertility! I put in this program all factors that are involved in a SIMPLE AND EASY TO DIGEST way, so that it will take the stress and guesswork out!

You are not alone! I am here to help!

The Creation of the Angel Fertility program

Angel Fertility babyI created the Angel Fertility program for both in clinic, or distant in Ontario, and an at home education portion that you can learn at your own pace-all you need to know about fertility. I developed a rare ebook that goes over the beliefs and energy blocks that may be affecting you. It also contains the secret Pregnancy Manifestation exercises that I teach my clients in clinic!

It also comes with audios and pdf handouts that give simple do-able ways to support your body and to start you on a path that will help you reach your ultimate goal - having a baby.

This program was designed to:

  • Allow you to open up communication with your baby PRIOR to conception-this is my ‘secret sauce’ that I use during my Fertility Reiki and acupuncture sessions! My intuitive gifts will give you priceless information about what may be needed that medical science cannot uncover!
  • Save you time and money on learning about your body, and your fertility. All of the research and experience I have earned over many years has been condensed for you to allow for easy to understand only the most important information you need to know to get pregnancy-no fluff! It will empower you in your fertility journey. For many on this journey, time is of the essence.
  • The online portion will allow for you to learn all that you need to know, so that you can save time and the cost of additional in-clinic visits and focus solely on relaxation and healing during your fertility acupuncture treatments. These treatment are NOT meant to instruct-these are meant to open up the proper space and energy for fertility. If you are distant, you will have Reiki sessions instead.
  • Give you a guide that will help you every step of the way in your journey to motherhood. There can be many ups and downs, emotionally and physically etc. in this journey. Support is so essential during these times.

I have countless empowering fertility stories from my clinic!

Success Stories from the Angel Fertility program

A Fertility Story Over 40

Sophie came into my office and was unable to get pregnant on her own, 6 months in. She thought that she was doing ‘everything right.’ Eating everything she ‘should’, exercising ‘perfectly.’ She was 42 years of age and thought perhaps it was simply just her age.

After assessment though, I uncovered that she was a Type A personality and was not able to take the ‘octane’ out of her life! She would argue with me that stress was not playing a role in her being unable to get pregnant. I would keep informing her that progesterone and stress do not mix. Progesterone is the gold that she was overlooking for her to get pregnant! Her baby needed a place to nest and she was not providing it working 60 hour weeks.

One day she came into my office and there was a palpable shift. She finally submitted to the truth. She finally accepted that she had to make ‘space’ for her baby! She cut 1/3rd of her work hours. We continued doing her acupuncture and Reiki for her stress.

Two months later, she became pregnant, NATURALLY, and had a healthy baby girl!!!

There are so many women that I see in my clinic that are overburdened with so many different stressors. Working long hours, working out way too hard, thinking they need to wear the ‘hats; in all things?!

This wreaks havoc on your hormones! When one wants to become pregnant they must be willing to drop the things in their life that are causing too much strain and imbalance!

They also need to make the ‘space’ for their baby to come in to their lives.

A Fertility Success story with a client suffering from Crohn’s Disease

I had a client in clinic, let’s call her Harmony! She came to me and had severe gastrointestinal scarring from multiple surgeries due to Crohn’s disease. This scarring extended into her abdomen, affecting her entire reproductive area!  She was told that getting and carrying a pregnancy would be difficult to almost impossible.

Her heart was broken, she longed to have a family of her own.

After trying naturally with no success her and her husband came in for a consult. She quickly got pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage. Her body was not quite ready to hold a pregnancy. After the miscarriage we re-examined her diet, lifestyle and I added in some of my now ‘secret sauce’ techniques to her case. They were able to get pregnant, naturally, after 5 months. Her pregnancy was comfortable (she was told there was no way this would be possible) and was able to carry full term, with no issues.

They had a healthy baby boy!!  Naturally. No IVF or IUI or any other method needed.

Afterward, 2 years later, they tried to get pregnant again and this time there were no issues with them getting pregnant the second time!

Various health issues can cause one to suffer from infertility and they all need to be addressed for successful pregnancies to occur.

A Fertility Success story with a client that only ovulated a few times in her life!

Let’s call her Anne. Anne was a 29 year old woman that was longing to be a mom. She was heartbroken because she and her partner were unable to get pregnant for over a year of trying. She read that you are considered infertile after one year of trying under 35 with no success.

After assessing her case, I uncovered that she was on the birth control pill since she was 14 years old! She rarely ever ovulated before! After teaching her about her cycle and that we needed to ‘teach’ her body to ovulate. Her body did not lay down the ‘hormonal tracks’ needed to have a regular and healthy cycle.

We regulated her cycle and using my ‘secret sauce’ I was able to balance her body quickly. Her body learned how to cycle the way it naturally should! After 7 month, she got pregnant, NATURALLY, and was able to have her beloved bouncing baby girl!

Many women have been on the birth control pills so long these days that they have barely ovulated! Their body needs to learn their natural cycle, that has been suppressed for years of being on the pill, before they are even able to get pregnant. That is what my program does!

And I have SO many more of these cases and SUCCESSES! Many not needing to go forward to IUI or IVF (think again of the time, mental and emotional anguish, and money saved there!)

Check out the 2 options of working with me below!

Angel Fertility happy mom and baby

  • Learn the secret technique to communicate and bond with your baby prior to pregnancy!
  • Believe that the health of your baby starts BEFORE pregnancy, and you want to optimize your chance of not only a healthy pregnancy, but a healthy baby.
  • Stop suffering from endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Irregular periods, which are adversely affecting your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Get your menstrual period back after getting off birth control pill.
  • Optimize your chances of conceiving NATURALLY!
  • Enhance your chances of successful IVF.
  • Change your partner’s sperm counts or poor sperm quality.
  • End struggling to get pregnant and want to know alternative methods to ensure your fertility.
  • Optimize your chances of successful IVF or IUI treatments.

Are you ready to be free of the disappointment and heartbreak of yet another negative test?

Are you ready to balance out your hormones and give your body, mind and spirit what it needs to remove the roadblocks?

Want a warm and loving support to walk with you in your fertility journey?

I invite you to work with me!

The 2 Angel Fertility Options:

The Foundational Angel Fertility Program-Online Only. Self Study.

For those outside of Ontario, or those who wish to receive the Foundational Angel Fertility program online material only.  You will be given access to the material within 1 business day after your payment has completed. This is a one-time payment, at home self-study course. You are not required to be a patient in the clinic to purchase. No refunds.

1 Payment ($997 + HST)

Buy Online-Only
Angel Fertility Program
in 1 Payment

2 Easy Payments ($547 / Monthly)

Buy Online-Only
Angel Fertility Program
in 2 Payments

“Spread Your Wings
Full Experience Patient Option”

For residents of Ontario who wish to experience the magic of working with me, both the in-clinic aspect and online program. Simply book your initial visit using the button below. At the end of your first appointment you will be charged the cost of Foundation Angel Fertility Program ($997 + HST) plus the $300 Naturopathic consult. (Please use "Angel Fertility Program-New Patient Visit"). If you have Naturopathic coverage, the cost of the treatments will only be covered, not the Foundational program. We will then book you in for your bimonthly Fertility Reiki and Acupuncture sessions.($150 each)!

Book An Appointment


  1. How do I pay for the program?  Once you book your initial visit with Dr. Farwell under the ‘Angel Fertility Program-New Patient Visit’, the program will be added and charged at the end of first visit in addition to your $300 initial Naturopathic consult. The program is $997 plus HST. You will then receive a link to the program! You must be pay for and enroll for the online portion of the program to participate as the information in it is essential for success. This commitment is a big step!
  2. Do you offer a full refund? No, all of the material is given at once.
  3. Can I share this with a friend? No, this is for your and your partner’s personal use ONLY. It should not be shared without permission.
  4. How long will this program take? There are 7 modules in total. The first 4 are longer in length, the audios are up to 15 mins. The last 3 are shorter in duration as they build on the first 4 and are about 5 mins each. The eBook will take the time you need to do the inner work. 
  5. Can Dr. Farwell see patients outside of the province of Ontario? No.
  6. Can I just purchase the Angel Fertility program alone? You can purchase the Angel Fertility Program for educational and informational purposes only. In doing so, you are recognizing that you are not a patient of Dr. Stephanie Farwell, ND and she is therefore not liable for any actions you take based on the information. Always work with your Healthcare practitioner. See medical disclaimer below.


If you have any questions about the program prior to booking your first visit, please email at info@stephaniefarwellnd.ca, or book a discovery call!


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