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Infertility is more common than you think - and guess what? It’s not your body working against you - there are things you can control NOW to improve your chances of conceiving.

Common known factors will affect your fertility, such as hormone imbalance and irregular cycles.

But did you know that mental/emotional and energetic blocks also play a huge role in fertility.

The secret to my fertility success in my clinic is the inner work and energy techniques that I teach to my clients.

These techniques can help you to clear the blocks and trauma from:

  • multiple miscarriages
  • sexual or mentall/emotional abuse
  • medical procedures, such as multiple IVFs or IUIs
  • and from the feelings that come up when struggling to conceive

When one is struggling to conceive, it is not just the body that is out of balance, but it is also the mental/emotional AND energetic body

This is what the fertility clinics are missing!

There are certain things that you WANT to address before going to them, or if you have had no success-these definitely need to be assessed.

This could save you thousands of dollars and the psychological and physical stress if you address these underlying blocks!

I decided to write a book that covers all of the underlying factors that are not being addressed in the current fertility paradigm.

Introducing my Angel Fertility eBook!

The Angel Fertility eBook uncovers the beliefs, or energy blocks that are hindering your ability to conceive.

It will walk you through the inner work and energy exercises that are essential for your success, and is the missing component to your fertility journey.

This eBook also includes my secret Pregnancy Manifestation meditation that allows you to cultivate the energy to prepare your body for pregnancy.

I’ve also included my own-never before released- technique that I developed over the years in my clinic, to open up communication with your Spirit Baby exercise! This allows you to receive information from your Spirit Baby (the baby that is meant to be born to you) so that you can get important and game changing messages to enhance your fertility, and readiness to become pregnant!

Energetic insight results in a pregnancy after 2 years of trying!

One of my clients, I will refer to her as Becky, was a healthy 32 year old woman. She and her husband were trying for over 2 years. After much stress and medical tests on her end, nothing showed up.
After opening up communication with their Spirit Baby (the exercise revealed in this book!) it was discovered that the issue was really on her husband’s end. I saw a blockage in the area of his testes. I told her that he needed to get checked out and properly assessed as well. Many times the man is glossed over in fertility.
Ater a successful surgery on his end, they were finally able to undergo IVF with his sperm, and they got pregnant. They had twins, 2 healthy baby girls!

Being able to communicate with your Spirit Baby can give you the very insights that you are missing!

Let’s look at another one of my clients- Sophie.

Sophie came into my office and was unable to get pregnant on her own, 6 months in. She thought that she was doing ‘everything right.’ Eating everything she ‘should’, exercising ‘perfectly.’ She was 42 years of age and thought perhaps it was simply just her age.

After our assessment, I uncovered that she was a Type A personality and was not able to take the ‘octane’ out of her life! She would argue with me that stress was not playing a role in her being unable to get pregnant. I would keep informing her that progesterone and stress do not mix. Progesterone is the gold that she was overlooking for her to get pregnant! Her baby needed a place to nest and she was not providing it working 60 hour weeks.

She also needed to address her beliefs that she needed to continually work, despite the fact that she was trying to conceive-which requires a different sort of energy and priorities.

One day she came into my office and there was a palpable shift. She finally submitted to the truth. She accepted that she had to make ‘space’ for her baby! She cut 1/3rd of her work hours. She continued to do the internal belief and energy work.

Two months later, she became pregnant, NATURALLY, and had a healthy baby girl!!!

Think of the time, aggravation and money that they both saved with these really important energetic insights?!

This eBook alone will help you to navigate the areas that are missing in your fertility journey. Those that lead to confusion and struggle.

Are you ready to enter a new fertility paradigm?
One that empowers YOU and puts you back in control of your own fertility?

Get your copy of my Angel Fertility ebook today!


This ebook is to be used for educational purposes only. It is not to be used in as a replacement for professional medical advice and care. Always seek and consult a licensed and regulated health care professional for your individual needs wherever and whenever indicated. Before initiating any new exercise, nutritional or healthcare program one should seek medical advice from your personal physician and/or licensed, regulated health care professional. The information in these meditation are not to be construed as personal diagnosis, advice or treatment, and must not be used in this manner.

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