A fat-packed, ultra-low-carb meal plan to kick the body from glucose dependency to ketosis.

This 7-day Ketogenic Diet is a healthy twist on a 'typical' keto diet which lacks vegetables and is full of dairy products. This meal plan is completely dairy-free. Instead of relying on cheese as a staple ingredient for low-carb recipes, we've included a wide range of more high fibre and nutrient-dense ingredients. The net carb count for this meal plan is approximately 30g/day or less.

There is a distinction between fibre and other carbohydrates, as fibre is not digested and converted into glucose. The vast majority of carbohydrates on this plan come from fibre, so they will not prevent ketosis. They will, however, support a healthier digestive tract! If you want to start to become a fat burner, get this program today!

This meal plan comes with a Prep Guide and a 7 Day Meal plan with 14 delicious and easy to prepare meals!

Dr. Stephanie Farwell, ND
Naturoapthic Doctor, Bowen Therapist and Reiki Master

Medical Disclaimer: please consult your MD, ND or main medical professional before doing any sort of lifestyle or nutritional changes and use your own discretion

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